Jenna Wilkie

Races Enduro, XC and Marathon

Jenna likes to go fast and bombs right through steep, techy trails. She lives for the pain of the climbs and refuses to take a chairlift. She inspires others to push their physical limits and shows everyone what is possible on a bike. She lives for enduros but is easily convinced to sign up for cross country races as well.

2019 RACES

  • Crowsnest Pass Enduro
  • Hot On Your Heels Enduro

A word from Jenna:

Mountain biking for me has always been a incredible way to explore, meet new people, and bruise my body in the most confusing ways. Although you’ll likely find me complaining, cursing, and maybe blacking out as I attempt to climb up trails; I can assure you that I am actually having the time of my life! I am always super pumped for any opportunity to push myself to the brink of cardiac arrest (Seriously. This is why mountain bikers are so strange). The panoramic views at the top are worth the grind, and like having a baby (which I have never done), all pain is forgotten once I am united with my true love…the down. 

In 2012, before I knew better, I started out my biking career pretending to be a cross country racer. I gained many valuable mtb skills, but I was never sold on the spandex and found my racing skill set was less on the “ups” and more on the steep, techy descents. I also briefly dabbled in downhill biking, but soon knew I wasn’t cool or brave enough to be one for real. So finally, in 2015,  I found my extremely chilled-out people and eagerly joined the ambiguous discipline of Enduro racing. To this day I still don’t really know what Enduro is, but I think that’s okay because I’m not sure anyone else does either. 
I am very honored to be a part of Vixen’s very first race season and to be supported by Mud, Sweat, and Gears. Just like I have been challenged and inspired by other women over the years, I hope we can return the favor and inspire other women to give MTB racing a chance. It’s so fun! You never know what you can survive until you close your eyes and let go of the brakes (just kidding, don’t do that!).

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